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Eliopig s.r.l. is a company founded by engineers with extensive experience in the construction of biogas plants, nitrogen stripping, equipment and feeding systems for pig and cattle farms.

Since its founding in 1980, thanks to the constant drive for continuous improvement, has developed a deep knowledge of issues related to farm management, thereby seeking to offer solutions to the breeder that adapt to the existing realities, or to optimize all the various resources to improve the performance of your company.

The constant attention to the changing needs of an evolving market and the presence in our company qualified technical resources, have made possible the development of a range of equipment and feeding systems that meet the full needs and requirements of the farmer.


Eliopig offers the best system solutions aimed at the possibility of using manure, silage biomass, chicken manure, waste from fruit and vegetables.


Eliopig offers you this "innovation in agriculture" through a proven technology that is able to give you the solution in terms of "reducing nitrates".


Eliopig is a leading manufacturer of livestock equipment. In fact, for over thirty years, the company prepares for animal breeding facilities.


Now all agricultural companies have machines that raise the breeder from the burdensome tasks , this however must be properly handled by computers and electronic control units.

Pig Sorting Units

Do you want to manage your farm more efficiently?

HAPPY HOLIDAYS - Cool down for us too!

Don’t you bear anymore the summer heat wave and do you want to depart for holidays? No problem!

Improve the performance of your bovine f…

Eliopig s.r.l. proves itself again to be a leading company in the production of livestock equipment.

Milk feeding system

Cannot you feed your suckling pigs successfully? The solution is the milk feeding system.

Agricultural Show - Growing up the busin…

We will participate in the Agricultural Show in Caserta city from 21st till 25th April 2017.

Biological farm

Eliopig offers on the market a new line of biological equipment, mustn’t be seen only as a new product, but as a new corporate philosophy that points to an improvement...

Back to Asia

ELIOPIG is returning in Asia with a new biogas plant of 500 kW located in Dongying city - China.

Holiday special

Already thinking about holidays? we too... but about yours.

100% chicken manure - Biogas plants of E…

Chicken manure is one of the most discussed sub-product in renewable energy. It’s high production gives many problems to farmers for it disposal.